Servers 1. Are the waiters really blind?
Yes, they are all legally blind. This means that their sight is equivalent or less than a tenth of the sight of an average person. The blind people are the most capable of working in the dark. It is a true “transfer of trust” and an amazing approach to raise awareness about blindness and disabilities in general.

2. Is it really a pitch black dining room?Yes! The room where the dinner takes place is completely dark.

3. Is the kitchen dark too?No. The kitchen is lit and the cooks are not blind.

4. Can we bring our own wine?No. We have a fully licensed bar with a wide variety of wines and drinks.

5. How long does the experience last?The average is about 1 hour and a half in the dark.

6. What are the methods of payment?Cash, Debit, Visa and Mastercard. We do not accept American Express.

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